Girls Main Restroom Shower Concrete Replacement

$ 4,000 .00

The shower area floor needs to be replaced. It was not properly installed when the restroom was updated. The concrete is deteriorated and some damage to the walls has occurred. The old flooring would be removed and a new floor with proper slope to the drains will be installed.

Air Conditioners for Cabins

$ 30,000 .00

Air conditioning the cabins has been discussed for many years. Air conditioning would make the summer camping season more comfortable and hopefully increase the number of campers.

Elevated Wetlands Walkway

Plans are being made to create an educational elevated walkway in the wetlands to the West of the main camp.  The trail will allow campers easy access to an area that cannot be currently accessed. The trail will include signage that identifies the flora and fauna found along the walkway.  This trail will significantly expand the outdoor education program offering.

Campbell Lodge Gathering Area Floor Replacement

Replace the current sheet vinyl floor on the main floor of Campbell Lodge.

Camp Office Complex

$ 175,000 .00

A new office would also be a great addition to camp. The old office would be converted back to staff housing which would provide a more adequate area for seasonal and full-year staff.

New Walk In Freezer

$ 35,000 .00

A larger freezer is needed to accommodate the purchase of larger quantities of food staples used throughout the camping season.  Food suppliers are less reliable and often short orders leaving camp without needing food supplies and being forced to scramble to provide menu items.  The larger freezer will also allow for larger quantity purchases which will save camp on food costs.

Cover the Existing Basketball Court

$ 170,000 .00

This idea involves building a roof over the basketball court. This project would add a new programming dimension and an area for gathering during rainy times. The rafters would need to be high enough to allow for basketball to be played. A variety of additional options could be added. Examples include a climbing wall and roll up sides to protect the area if it rains.

Pool Restroom, Campbell Lodge & Dining Hall Roof Replacement

$ 75,000 .00

The roofs on these buildings are deteriorated and need to be replaced in the future.

Team Challenge Improvements

The Team Challenge Course is aged and needs to be updated.  Some challenges will be removed while several new challenges will be added.  The refreshing of the course provides a new educational resource for campers to experience.

Needs List

Interested in purchasing something from our Needs List? Please contact us!

  • X Mark Leaf Vacuum – $2300
  • Water Cooler/Bottle Filler – $2000
  • Stump Grinder – $2400
  • Pool Water Pump – $5000
  • Diving Board – $3000
  • Life Guard Chair – $1500
  • Expanded Camp Wi-Fi System – $500
  • Pinnacle Snow Pusher – $1500
  • Lane Shark Brush Cutter – $4200
  • Rec Hall Sound System – $1500