At Camp

  • Everyone learns
  • Everyone grows
  • Everyone Belongs

Mission & Objectives

4-H summer camp, like 4-H overall, strives to offer youth learning experiences that will help them grow into successful adults.

It is learning by doing.

The 4-H Camp Ohio camping program is an intentionally designed, creative, experiential learning endeavor in which participants engage with each other, older teens, and adult staff, and where

youth develop decision-making skills, accept personal responsibility, and have a sense of self-determination in a carefully supervised and supportive environment that typically incorporates aspects of the natural surroundings.

4-H Camp Ohio strives to adhere to the mission of the Ohio 4-H Camping program by offering youth of all ages with personal opportunities for the development of leadership, workforce preparation, and 21st century skills. It also offers personal growth as campers experience being away from home, being away from parents/guardians, and providing a safe environment where socioemotional development takes place.

The primary objectives for youth who participate in residential camping at 4-H Camp Ohio include:

  • Live with significant role models
  • Develop responsibility for their own decisions and actions away from parents/guardians
  • Meet and learn to get along with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Develop skills or hobbies for wise use of leisure time
  • Develop leadership skills and explore group action
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of nature
  • Develop personally by establishing standards and values they believe in enough to live by


Camp has also added many new activities to its program list. One of the most popular activities is the high ropes course. It, along with the climbing wall/zip line tower, provides campers with an exciting personal growth experience. A more recent addition is the Flying Squirrel providing an exciting team-building experience for campers of all ages.

STEM education programs have been recently added. Bottle rockets and drones are popular activities that provide an experience not likely to be available back home.

Combine the many educational and personal growth opportunities listed above with all the traditional things camp offers and young people from 1928 to today learn and grow through a wonderful residential camp experience.


Residential camping is a proven positive educational activity. Multiple national studies provide insight into the high level of benefits youth receive from participating in the unique experience offered at 4-H-led residential camps. Both campers and teen counselors benefit immensely in planning and participating in camping programs.

Not many things in our society last 94 years. Fads and fancies come and go, but 4-H Camp Ohio has stood the test of time by offering campers something they deeply enjoy and return to each summer for up to 10 years.

Evaluation data from 2021 shows that 4-H Camp Ohio continues to provide a high quality camping program.

Wish To Return


Recommend camp to friends


“I felt included and wanted.”

“Camp will always be a home to me”

“The activities pushed me to try something new.”

“It changed my life.”