In 1928, a group of County Extension Agents working in the fledgling Ohio 4-H program saw the need to create a permanent facility for summer residential camping. Each agent donated $500 and together purchased 129 acres along Rocky Fork Creek in rural Licking County. This would be the
beginning of what is now 4-H Camp Ohio. In future years, 4-H Camp Ohio would purchase additional acreage and grow to encompass just over 300 acres. Little did that original group know, that for the next 94 years their foresight would provide a summer destination for up to 3,000 4-H members and be the source of educational programming and endless enjoyment for thousands of school students and families as well.

The 1928 facility was much different than it is today. There were no permanent structures in the early years. Over time, many new structures were added, a pool was built and 4-H Camp Ohio adapted to the changing demands of those attending camp to become what it is today. Today, 4-H Camp Ohio can accommodate nearly 300 youth. It operates approximately 9 month out of the year for residential camping and hosts small groups throughout the winter months. It is fully accredited by the American Camping Association and is a model for other Ohio residential 4-H

History of 4-H Camp Ohio

4-H Camp Ohio hosts State Leadership Camp and 14 county camps:

  • Ashland
  • Coshocton
  • Delaware
  • Franklin
  • Hancock
  • Hardin
  • Holmes
  • Knox
  • Licking
  • Marion
  • Morrow
  • Muskingum
  • Perry
  • Wayne