The Second Century Campaign has set a goal of raising at least $500,000 over the next five years. Most of the funds raised will be used for the aforementioned facility maintenance and capital improvement projects. A portion would also be used to cover the cost of a wide variety of programming supplies currently paid through camper fees.

The 4-H Camp Ohio Second Century Campaign offers interested individuals a number of options for supporting the campaign.

Current Gifts


Gifts can be made in any amount. Gifts can be directed to areas of interest. Payment methods can include cash, check, and secure online payment with a credit card.

In Memoriam or Honor

There are two kinds of memorials. Outright gifts, which carry the name of a loved one, and those given to a memorial (endowed fund to the OSU Development Fund or a community fund in Knox or Licking County) of which only the interest is used.

Stock or Mutual Fund Gifts

If you have appreciated stock or mutual funds, this might offer some extra tax savings. Transfers must be sent in-kind to a 4-H Camp Ohio account with your mutual fund company.

Gift In Kind

There are many needs for practical items or services – program supplies, construction materials, handyman work, donated labor for construction projects – all provide a valuable service to camp.

Real Estate

If you are looking to transfer or sell land, real estate, or income properties, now might be a good time to consider a part or complete gift of that asset to save taxes. Options may exist as
well for receiving income for life in return and still getting a tax deduction as a charitable gift. All gifts of real estate must meet the gift policy guidelines of 4-H Camp Ohio. Please consult us if a gift of real estate is being considered.

Retirement Funds

Sometimes a gift from a retirement fund is the best thing one may offer. Currently anyone 70 1⁄2 years or older may also gift up to $100,000 from an IRA, 403, 401(k) account if transferred directly from the donor custodian to 4-H Camp Ohio. Any Qualified Charitable Distribution can be made to camp without income tax due on the distribution. Ask us for more details about this giving type.

With some individuals, policies are paid up and not needed anymore for the original purpose. These could make easy gifts with no impact on the checkbook.

Estate Gifts

Assignment Gift

By designating 4-H Camp Ohio as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary of your retirement funds, insurance or bank account, you provide a nice gift when you are done with them.
Many gifts like this only require a simple signature on a beneficiary form.

Bequests in Wills or Living Trusts

A simple way for you to establish memorials or funds that
will live on past your lifetime. We suggest a person leave a percentage bequest which then fluctuates with available assets. In some cases, when children or other family members are part of the plans, we suggest they consider our charity as an “extra” family member.